What is the difference between F-Droid and Droid-ify

Hello, i have only recently discovered F-Droid. Can you explain what is the difference between F-Droid and Droid-ify? I saw a video on You Tube that said you receive updates quicker on Droid-ify, if so is it safe to do so?

Thank you

Droid-ify is simply another client for f-droid, the speed in updates does not depend on the client but on when they are made available by the f-droid infrastructure. So you can try droid-ify and if you like it better than the official client you can use it without too much worry, but the updates will not get to you faster.

Thank you for replying back so quickly. I am glad you said that because I prefer the official Droid-ify client.

Neo Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository fork Droid-ify. Try it to for compare :wink: