What is the best (safest) way to use f-droid on the pixel 6/7 devices?

Generally the title is pretty self explained.

Is it OK to install with apk application like NeoStore and then use it? Or do we have better way or better apps to access F-droid.


I am not sure I understand. If you want F-droid can you not download it from

f-droid.org has a big blue button to download F-Droid Client.

On Android 12 or later, as your Pixel has, you can use F-Droid Basic to get unattended updates too: https://f-droid.org/repo/org.fdroid.basic_1017050.apk

/PS: this feature will come to main Client soon :wink:

Yeah of course I’m aware about f-droid client. I’ve used NeoStore though before on my Android 9.

I just wanted to make sure it’s safe and right way to go. I will try f-droid client this time.

And one more nuance how to separate Google play apps and F-droid apps. For example I have Osmand installed from Google Play but F-droid suggest me to update it. I just want that F-droid should be responsible only about apps that I did install through it.

This is the Forum for F-Droid, what would you expect exactly BUT the F-Droid Client itself? :person_shrugging: (or Basic :slight_smile:)

I doubt that, can you show us some pics from F-Droid Client Osmand page, lower part under Links?

The Android security model allows ONLY apps with the same signature to be updated. So ONLY apps that are built reproducible can be updated IF installed from OTHER stores. Eg. Briar. Buuuut when you do that you’ll install THE SAME app/version that the OTHER store offers, so there’s no GAIN to block the update.

Anyway… most of the time the signature will NOT match and F-Droid Client/Basic should not show this update anyway. Be sure to have latest version 1.17.0

I did install Osmand+ from Google play. I even have paid for it a few years ago. But F-droid suggest me to update it.

I just don’t want to mix things up

Hmm, ok, now I see, tested with Simple Calendar, installed an older version from Github.

Two things:

  • F-Droid does not show it as an actual update in the update tab, so it won’t try to update all by itself
  • If you press the Update button you get a pretty good message

So, imho behaves as expected. :slight_smile:

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Indeed. I was afraid to click update button.

Just to summarize all that apps (on the video above) in “Manage installed apps” are the apps that F-droid find it in his repos. But it won’t try to update it because all of them were installed from Google play?

Also a little bit confusing I have uninstall button. Do I really can uninstall app that were installed with Google play.

Yes, no matter where you’ve installed them from

Because the signing key is not the same as the one in the F-Droid index.

It’s not F-Droid that uninstalls it but your system, any app can try to uninstall, eg. Launchers usually have this action


Generally I thought it’s safe to use those third-party client. But only the official one gets formal review so we can only say that the official one is safe.

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