What is a good option as firefox alternative

In my linux device i use normal firefox and librewolf
But in android i found fenec and mull a good option can you guys help. What is good. More trusted and smoother.

Fennec is upstream Firefox with patches for disabling telemetry / tracking.
Mull is Fennec plus arkenfox.js and some Tor patches, along with other changes.
Expect to have more problems and slightly less performance in Mull, a price to pay in exchange for extra protections.

If you like Firefox but, you just don’t like the direction Mozila is going you’d be interested in looking up a comparison of Firefox forks. Which are browsers based on Firefox.

Are there any decent forks of Firefox though. Fennec is good for android. What is good for desktop?

For desktop there is librewolf:


For desktop you can use Brace which is the desktop complement to DivestOS.
It includes hardened configs for Firefox and Chromium.

Arch: https://gitlab.com/divested/brace/-/jobs/artifacts/master/browse?job=build_arch
Debian: Artifacts · build_deb (#2065760593) · Jobs · Divested Computing Group / Brace · GitLab
Fedora: Artifacts · build_rpm (#2065760592) · Jobs · Divested Computing Group / Brace · GitLab

Yup, I use it too. Also Waterfox.

I strongly recommend against Waterfox, Pale Moon, and Iceraven.


To elaborate why:

  • Iceraven is consistently 1-2 releases behind Fenix
  • Waterfox was recently purchased by an advertising company
  • Pale Moon is both hostile to the open source community and based off an extremely old version of Firefox and they undoubtedly do not have the security team that Mozilla has to maintain it to any proper manner.

Ohh, I was not aware of WF being purchased. Thanks for that info. I will stop using it. I also use IRON. How would you say that is, mate? Although I use the portable version of it.

SRWare Iron?

Absolutely proprietary. :rofl:
Better off with Chrome.

Honestly IRON I have on my system as portable since a long time. I used it maybe once or twice in the last 2 years. Not even sure why I installed in the first place. Lol.

However, it is really difficuly to get a good one, FLOSS or FOSS, which respects privacy. Like Alphabet which started as “we do” to “we analyze you”, to “we make profit out of your data”, and like FF too, I just no longer know or get what to use.? I recently made an choice to delete my FF PWDs and remove my account also, or atleast delete and not Sync if using whatever variant of FF. It kind of becomes difficult when the open source keeps getting shunned eveywhere, you know?

For desktop if you are on linux gnome web is solid choice

And ungoogled chromium is also good

you’re spreading misinformation. While it is true that Waterfox has been merging with System1 (Alex Kontos is still lead dev) it does not mean that user are spied on - after all it’s still open source. It’s all about search engine monetization (not data leaking, just the partnership bundle, like Firefox and other browsers do the same). Alex has gone this step to have more resources for maintaining Waterfox. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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It never does until the buyer needs more money, as ususal

the possibility exists and I’m skeptikal, but since I use WF for years I remain loyal for now.

Great, how long does it take you to build it?

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