What happened to mupdf full version?

MuPDF was a full featured version of the super lightweight mupdf viewer, which supported annotations and selecting text, mobile view.

After mupdf library was reported with 4 CVEs (3 of them regarding xps files and an integer overflow), upstream perhaps didn’t continue full version mupdf. They rather continued / created a stripped down version called mupdf viewer. It doesn’t have mobile view / text selection AFAIK.

Since the vulnerabilities appear to be due to underlying library, is it possible to build original mupdf with new libs? bringing a PDF viewer with text selection and mobile view to fdroid.

In such a case, full network access permission shall be removed, because simply it causes people stay away from the app.

Currently, pen&pdf by C Gogolin is only opensource pdf viewer that allows to select text and highlight / annotate. It is there on submission queue. Hope it too would be built without internet permissions if built – since those permissions are required for Google cloud print apis that we don’t use.

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I just found with a great pleasure that there’s another app capable in that: Book Reader (Simple book reader) - https://f-droid.org/app/com.github.axet.bookreader

On muPdf there’re more details at https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/252 . Also see IRC logs referenced in that issue.

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Book reader is rather laggy and doesn’t work nice for me. Thanks anyway.

F-Droid doesn’t modify source like that. Better raise this issue upstream or use a firewall (like NetGuard or AFWall)

I think it is a matter of editing some files which don’t harm much.

  • mupdf library - link newer library during the build
  • internet permission - remove internet permission from Android manifest.

Again, we don’t modify source code for this reason.

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