What happened to blackhole a music app

i can’t update or install the app is now 1.15 and fdroid no longer have that version even you can’t install the newer 1.14 one i get error can you look into it.

Message posted on June 17 by the application developer on his official Telegram channel

So back in Jan 2021, I started working on an app just to listen to and download songs on my mobile. It was the first project I put my heart into. I was still a college student then, but a month ago, I graduated and started a job, so I’m unable to give enough time to BlackHole. Sorry for making you guys wait for updates coz of that. I just wanted to create a perfect music app for all needs, mine and yours. But, I was never able to achieve that; I guess I still lag a lot. Anyways, It’s been a long journey for me. I met many incredible people, made new friends and even saw people admire my work. Who would have guessed that someone would admire my work? But every journey has an end, and this is the end of mine. I’m planning to stop the development of BlackHole furthermore. I know there are still a lot of bugs and missing features; sorry :frowning: for all that. I will try releasing a version once in a while consisting of the changes pushed by the open-source community (PS: PRs welcomed), but there won’t be further development from my side. Thanks for your love and support, and most importantly, for using BlackHole.

I hope you all enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Non-FOSS inside :frowning: F-Droid build failed: GMS in the final apk · Issue #345 · Sangwan5688/BlackHole · GitHub

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Blackhole is a online music player

Search is your friend. See

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