What gives?

I downloaded HypnoTwister Live Wallpaper a few days ago. I tend to change wallpapers often and have not actually applied Hypnotwister as of yet (except for a brief period after first downloading it). A few minutes ago I received an alert telling me basicly that it is no longer considered safe. What am I missing? I’ve not been an f-droid user long. I was under the impression that apps here were indeed safe.

Which App sent you this alert?

The word HypnoTwister might mean
https://f-droid.org/packages/com.kostmo.wallpaper.spiral/ ?

Yeah but I don’t think the app itself sends an alert that it is no longer safe.
I’d rather guess it’s some kind of anti-virus app or similar which sees that HypnoTwister hasn’t been updated since 2012 and therefore sends the alert.
Though I don’t know if an app that uses no permissions can be unsafe just because it’s old.

I wish I had thought to make a screenshot of the alert. I was busy at the time plus I was kind of surprised to get the message. To be safe I immediately uninstalled HypnoTwister after reading that the app was no longer considered safe by f-droid.

Did the notification say “by F-Droid”.

I installed the app today and haven’t received any alerts so far.

PS: Ok, now I know what’s going on. You enabled the F-Droid archive repository right? For some reason there is a newer version (1.4.1 instead of 1.4) in the archive and if I install that one I get the alert too (in F-Droid in the Updates section).

If you uninstall the app and disable the archive repository you can download the older version which doesn’t trigger the alert.

I’m an old granddad that loves this technology but I want to stay safe while learning. I appreciate your help.
I’ll do as you recommended! Thanks again!

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