What do you think about Spotify Dogfood

More information: https://github.com/sergiocastell/spotify-dogfood/releases

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i use this whith open vpn for android https://f-droid.org/packages/de.blinkt.openvpn/
and proton vpn https://protonvpn.com/
config files or ultrasurf from GP.


Why you ask? Do You think is not safe app?
I’m interesting , how do we know if safe or no ?

what’s going on in this thread? I’m super confused.

spotify music on github without ads and paid subscription …
I use this application on the phone with os android without google play mobile services for several months, I do not use it on the phone with LineageOS,i use only f-droid application.

P.S.I’m not the developer of this application, I’m just a user who likes music )))) ))) )) )

Oh, for a moment I thought it was a spam post

open code without obfuscation and packers is easy to check for virustotal

The linked repository provided patches for the official Spotify app. It looks like you’re supposed to fetch the Spotify APK, unpack it with apktool, apply the patch from the version tag in the repository (which also includes binary changes to native libraries), and put the APK together.

While some parts of the patches are open, some binary changes aren’t. And the original app is closed, so I don’t think this app would be eligible for inclusion within Android. Redistributing the modified APK is probably not allowed either.

See also the XDA thread.


I can simply install the spotify-dogfood application from the download .apk file.

For me on f-droid there were not enough two applications and I found them on github.the first is Spotify-DogFood, the second is the browser
With the included video and audio codecs:

Sorry for my English