What app on lineage 17.1 question

HI I am opting for flashing phone with lineage 17.1 and wondering what cons are re installing whats app. The whole idea is to de google and de fb. Does whats app also spy and track etc and what are your thoughts?

Do you mean the WhatsApp messenger? It belongs to Facebook. I think this a comprehensive answer to the question whether it’s spying on you.

Thank you is there a non fb alternative?

Yes, Conversations and Signal can comply as alternatives. Signal is not in F-Droid due to the lack of 100% open source builds, but is more user-friendly.
Of course, all participants need the same app to messaging, if you meant if there’s an alternative FOSS client for Whatsapp, the answer is no, but at least you can try to isolate Whatsapp with Shelter (please, read all about this app).

You can block tracking hosts with Blokada / DNS66 / Adaway.

Morgoth just what I needed to hear! Presumably Shelter and Blokada work on Lineage 17.1 do they also work on standard non de googled androids? Thinking about friends who won’t go the extra mile as I am about to do? Thanks!

Sure, All F-Droid applications work whether the phone has been degoogled or not.

I think you should look at how exactly Shelter works before installing it, if you’re going to, you probably will need Phone Saver to transfer files in the work profile (the one used for “sandboxing”), because file transfer in Shelter doesn’t work in Android 10 / LineageOS 17.

Thinking about friends who won’t go the extra mile as I am about to do?

Can’t really tell, Signal is your best bet for this as how user friendly it is, yes, is avalaible at Play Store.
People here will not like this last thing I said tho, but at least is easy and more private alternative than Whatsapp.

You can also directly download the Signal application from their website. The app will update automatically. https://signal.org/android/apk/

I guess it boils down to intent of signal devs. Open is open. Semi open could be anything. I am just getting totally fed up with anything that disempowers the individual.

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Thanks for chipping in!

AFAIK the only code that is not open is for GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)
But you will get push notifications without it, with a Signal own websocket.

Thank you is there a non fb alternative?

Almost all people I communicate with have Telegram. It’s far from perfect, but at least there’s a completely free client: https://f-droid.org/packages/org.telegram.messenger/

Thank you!

Thank you!

Do you think Google can collect phone data with Signal given that some of it is not open source ? Meaning could they have hidden code in the part that is not open source? Thanks

Thanks Altons useful info and sorry for late reply

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