Welcome a new Fennec F-Droid

Does this version of Firefox have DNS over Https? I can’t find it.

Also, is there a way to prevent the address bar from being hidden when scrolling?

Thank you for updating Fennec, I like this version :slight_smile:

You need to enable it in about:config. E.g. network.trr.mode

I checked earlier but there’s no such option in about:config


okay im so dumb,nvm. Thanks

I encounter an issue. When I play video in Fennec it crashes regular. I didn’t see this issue in Firefox and Chromium. It happens about once ten minates.

Could you file a bug with logcat at https://gitlab.com/relan/fennecbuild/-/issues?

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FWIW, downgrading to 68 via adb install -r -d org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid_689420.apk mostly works. Cookies have been lost in the process, but open tabs, bookmarks, extensions have not. Didn’t check other data closely.

I was expecting I would break it completely, to be honest.

I think, yes. Please post a patch here.

I think it’s just a matter of changing val waitUntilPaintToDraw = Config.channel.isNightlyOrDebug to val waitUntilPaintToDraw = true inside https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/blob/1adf4672489067c60ee5e369c169cecd33006ff8/app/src/main/java/org/mozilla/fenix/FeatureFlags.kt

“Wait Until First Paint To Show Page Content” setting will be available in Fennec F-Droid 81.1.3.


Thank you very much.

Thanks for your swift reply :slight_smile:

I updated Fennec (81.1.1 -> 81.1.3) but now it always crashes when opened. I had to downgrade to 81.1.1. Is it just me?

Edit: got it working with a clean install. I think it was related to an ongoing bug with custom search engines - in any case, the blame is on Mozilla.

No crash here (try to get some logs of that crash)

But looks like my added search engine was added, yet doesn’t appear in the list, so I can’t use it or delete it. Can’t add it again since…it exists.

Hacking prefs.js next…

But looks like my added search engine was added, yet doesn’t appear in the list, so I can’t use it or delete it. Can’t add it again since…it exists.

Yes, same here.

Maybe this is relevant for the maintainer of Fennec F-Droid:

But maybe Mozilla fixes it because it’s causing problems in Firefox too, judging by their issue tracker.

Did Firefox create a new browser engine called Fenix, or is this just a new browser UI?

And is Fennec F-Droid essentially now Fenix without the spyware but your keeping the name Fennec F-Droid?

I like Fennec F-Droid for web development testing on Android which I can get on F-Droid and is spyware free.

Fennec was the mobile codename iirc

Now it’s Fenix, on the Gecko engine.

Doesn’t really matter anyway, Fennec is dead, long live whatever. No matter the name this is the new browser from Mozilla, old one will stay old.

Regarding the search engine, I added the same several times on both F-Droid’s one and on the Play one and it just worked, on other devices and on this one during build testing.

Is new Fennec support user.js file? It seems that in my case after update from 68esr version it doesn’t.

In the old Fennec F-Droid/Firefox, there where settings to disable the transmission of technical data, studies, crash reports, blocking dangerous contents (AFAIK transfers a list of content from Google to the browser), blocking dangerous downloads (AFAIK transfers data to Google) etc.

I can’t find this settings in Fenix/the new Fennec F-Droid. How to manage this settings? I know I can still access about:config, but I don’t know that the settings are named exactly for all of them.

The app.shield.optoutstudies.enabled settings is missing in Fenix.
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled is disabled by default.
I can’t find the setting for telemetry for technical information, neither in Desktop Firefox nor in ‘Fenix’ F-Droid.