Welcome a new Fennec F-Droid

The top icon probably had to be produced because it’s not an official Mozilla product, but I don’t know.

Some apps (eg. Fedilab) give the user an option to set different icons. Dunno if you want to copy an option like that.

Great work @relan and @Bubu! :tada:

Some thoughts and suggestions:

  1. Can we do something about the hardcoded URL suggestions? It’s super annoying that the Firefox keeps suggesting lots of US-centric and non-free sites/services whenever I type something - even though I have never visited these site. This has been bothering me for years now.
  2. I’m honestly not sure if this should be upgrade to old Fennec. Yes, old Fennec is now unspported. But the many changes make the new Fenix a differnet beast. Keep in mind that we still don’t have full addon support and how many Firefox users hate the new version. Might be a good idea to make this a new app separate from old Fennec so people can choose to switch manually which should fit the F-Droid freedom approach quite well. Main problem of this approach is that some user will keep using an unsecure browser and won’t be able to migrate their data in a simple way.

Disagreed. It should be clear that this browser is as close to the original Firefox as it gets.

No offense but Android 4.4 is ancient and has been unsupported for quite some time now. People have to move on.

Got the first one using Bubu’s build. What was the icon the community has agreed upon a while back?


Regarding the name, there are so many strings for this one:

  • Fennec
  • Fenix
  • Daylight
  • F-Droid

Which combo is the best-est? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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People still buy those phones for a number of reasons and are able to use them perfectly well with different roms etc. Mozilla are becoming malware merchants, their deal with Cloudflare shows they have no soul.

There are devices running 4.4 that are being sold new?
You can get used devices for $10 that can run 10.0
(granted in North America but I’m sure you can still get at least devices running 7.0 for that price)


Are you using an Android 7.1 device?

So we’ve got a totally different legacy icon for Fenix? Can we add one in the new style?

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The second picture is from Android, the first one, I’ll need to ask.

Edit: Both are Android 10 devices… :thinking:

Old Fennec will never get any updates again anymore. So if you (or anyone) don’t want to update yet, just tick the “ignore all updates setting”. But the default should definitely be to update people away from an potentially insecure browser.


I see the first on Android 10 KISS launcher.

Please rename to Fenix F-Droid.

Fennec is the name for the old, slow, single process mess that contained the old codebase. Fenix is the name for the new modern one. https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix


Fennec F-Droid gained some awareness among people who care about freedom. It’s mentioned in variuos articles, discussed in forums, etc. It has a positive image overall.

Firefox for Android, on the other hand, is believed to be slow and laggy, so Mozilla gave a GeckoView-based version a new name and advertises it as “all new” (remember Quantum? same tactic).

I think we should stick with the Fennec name, so that those who read an old article could come to F-Droid and install it. Don’t make people think WTF is Fenix, how it’s related to Fennec and why the latter is gone.


People will search for Fenix in fdroid and will get 0 results. There was a lot of hype around Fenix. https://www.androidpolice.com/tags/fenix/ and there is little hype around fennec (latest article since 2011) https://www.androidpolice.com/tags/fennec/

That is just an example. The repository name is Fenix. I do care about freedom, I don’t have gplay or gapps installed.

I used Fennec because of freedom despite it’s performance issues. I use Fenix because it’s faster than Chrome both in usage and in benchmarks, at least on my phone.

Using the name Fennec creates confusion for everybody.


Why not ship it as a different app instead of an update? Keep Fennec F-Droid and add a new app Fenix F-Droid. Some people prefer the old app for reason beyond my comprehension. Give them freedom 0 to run it if they want.


Some people yes, most people will not get updates to the browser and will never know it.

Add the Fenix keyword to the description then


My guess is that some launcher shows android:roundIcon, while Android shows android:icon. Pushed a fix to fennecbuild and fdroiddata (fortunately the build cycle has not been started yet).


Yes the updated Fennec should update the old one by default. It doesn’t make sense to keep people on outdated browser and then require an action from the user to get the latest version of Fennec. If some people need the outdated version for some reason, it is more appropriate to require them to check the “Ignore this update”.


Also, the data transfer is forcing users to NonFreeNet services… unless you have root. :frowning:

Many users will not realize that the browser they are using will never get security updates and will continue to use it for months before they notice.


This is really confusing. Old code + new name. Two apps with same ID and name but different keys. People will be wondering why they don’t get the update and will use an insecure browser.

With two apps things will at least be clear.