Weird Repository Unverified Thing - Apps Not Showing

Hey beautiful people. My company is working on setting up its fdroid repo and we’ve got most of the way there but we’re hitting a few snags at what seems like right before the finish line.

You can check out our dev environment’s repo here:

Basically when adding it to the app it shows as Unverified and the apk we have in the repo doesnt show up in the list. Also when you click on the repo in the list after adding it it says “This repository has not been used yet. You need to enable it to view the apps it provides.”

I’ve verified the url and the fingerprint. Toggled the repo off and back on. Removed the repo cleared the apps cache and data and readded it. Cant get any apps to show or the unverified tag to resolve.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

What causes this unverified tag? How do I resolve it?

Just do a repo update

Why does it say 403 when trying to follow the link in a browser?

Is your company that Flote APP thing?

As @Licaon_Kter correctly observed: one is getting a 403 (Forbidden) response when accessing that resource.

So if that domain is yours: talk to your devs why your resource is not accessible.

If is not your domain: where did that URL come from?

You are actually right.
Although I might add that all repos that I had tried DID serve some HTML when I followed the plain URL. Must have an index.html file.

So yes: the 403 response code in itself is not a problem but the proper response when accessing a folder on a server where folder access is not allowed.

fwiw newer versions of fdroidserver (or maybe just master) add a basic page for the root repo directory with description, app count, fingerprint, and QR code.

oh? I was sure I was using the latest. I’ll double check that though. Still confused as to the Unverified tag that seems to be preventing my repo from showing any apps when added to android app.

Yeah still kinda stuck unfortunately – same issue. Is there a most up to date walk through on this? I feel like its so simple I’m missing something super obvious.

All new repos say unverified until the fdroid client syncs them. I got two failures from your repo, network error and could not parse the index file. Maybe inspect the index file real good for any tiny errors

I personally have no experience myself in running an fdroid repo(although a quick glance over docs look fairly simple) but figured I would reply about the parse failure as I didn’t see that mentioned.
Im pretty certain though the “Unverified” you are seeing after adding the repo to the client is not an issue as I see that tagged on every new repo I add until Syncing/Updating the Repositories.

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