Weird issue with only this web site, on one device, in all browsers

I have sometime in the past year, found an odd issue with this web site (and only this site, others do not seem to be affected). It used to work normally but changed, I am not exactly sure when since the affected device is not really a “daily driver”, it gets only occasional use before sitting dormant again for several months until the next use. It seems to only happen on this one device, with the same issue in all browsers.

The device is an older wifi-only tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. The manufacturer’s website seems to have vanished into the past, only some wayback archives remain
which alas is not very informative.

I have tried with the stock android browser (ver 4.0.3-20120419), with Zirco browser (ver 0.4.4(18) downloaded from here), and Firefox (ver 55.0.2 was the last version for ICS), they all seem to behave the same way.

Basically the top banner and navbar display normally, followed by an icon for whatever app I am looking at. But the text for the page is oriented vertically in a very tall column, one character wide. The links do work normally, but it is a bit awkward to use them as it takes lots of scrolling to reach them because of the goofy page layout.

This affects the Apps, Docs, News, Issues, Contribute and About sections of the site. (The forum section of the site now always comes up on this one device as “Webpage not available”, I suspect this may be caused by an obsolete cert on the device but have not solved that yet, so I don’t know if it would also get the vertical text issue.)

Has there been some change to site javascript (or anything else) in the past year or so that would confuse this one device? Oddly I have an even older one running FroYo that does NOT get this issue. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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