Websites can know android accent color?

Andoird 12, tried with Firefox and Mull browser.
Go to → select options.
The accent color there is the same as your android accent color.
Change your wallpaper/accent color, and then go that page again, and it knows your phone’s accent color.

GrapheneOS and DivestOS have an option to disable wallpaper based theming.

edit: this has been confirmed to not be an issue

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This seems to be something that can be done via (if available), some tweaking in the browser configs. But as the OP mentions, I am sure the answer is not to move to a different OS like the other comment.

Ohhokay! But does the web server knows/can know my accent color or is it just client side?

Yes, the website can collect the colors.

edit: correction: the website can collect a default fallback color, but not the specific colors you see

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Maybe this does the trick:

Go to about:config and search for layout.css.accent-color.enabled.
Set this value to false.


Ooh nice one!

For Mull changing widget.non-native-theme.use-theme-accent does fix it!
I’ll make that default next release.

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Why did you stirke? Does it mean you are not going to make the change or already did?