Web3 social media accounts | Fediverse for F-Droid


What are the official Web3 and Fediverse social media accounts for F-Droid?

Thank you.

Web3? Funny

All the web presence can be seen here: About | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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Hi @Licaon_Kter,

Thank you for replying to my post.

I’m interested to learn what you find humorous about Web3 and the initial question I asked.


  1. You never heard of Web3 before, it’s a foreign concept, and because of that, it sounds funny?

  2. Have you used platforms that say they are Web3 only to discover they are no different from Web2?

  3. Maybe you wonder why I did not discover or trust the link you provided and find that funny?

I’m not really sure but if you have time, kindly help me understand where you are coming from, and lastly, kindly confirm that these are the only valid social media accounts:

And an email address team@f-droid.org (I’m asking for confirmation based on it being a small list).

Best wishes,
~ Chris

Only the last one is an actual account.

IRC is the main channel, the others are just bridged there.

Accounts on servers and IRC channels exist for the last what 25-30 years? That’s no web3

No, because they are not different there’s no web3 to use. If web2 is the silo centralized monopolistic internet, then we should be going back to web1.0 anyway!

You mean you did not open the main site and pressed “About” before me linking to it? Rather odd… how did you find the Forum then?

The expression “web3” was hijacked by shit-coin peddling bros/gurls as @Baggypants kindly linked. So yeah… web3 is a funny but sad term we should be not using because it does not mean anything of value.


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