Web browsers that default away from google search engine

As great as an open source browser like Firefox might make you want to use it, the default search on it is Google. It relies on Google for revenue by keeping it as the defualt search engine. If google decided one day to drop Mozilla there goes most of Firefox’s funding.

Sure you can switch the search to another search engine, but the future of a browser like Firefox (especially as an open-source browser.) still depends on Google and without Google (which is where the majority of it’s funding comes from) who knows what could happen to Firefox and potential competing updates to now dominating Google Chrome browser.

In this post, if anyone knows any web browser/s that defaults away from Google please mention them and include any input you have on that browser such as whether it depends on a big corporation for revenue and without it it cannot thrive with future updates.
The exception to that tho would be using a site to host the download link, for that I could understand for relieing on someone else to do, but when it comes to actually making an open source web browser, with the know how, you should be able to do this with less money needed to spend.

To clarify the main purpose of this post.

Name, any open source browsers that doesn’t default to Google search and talk about their shortcomings specifically if they rely on corporate interests to support the browser, instead of relying more heavily on user donations.

Privacy Browser, currently mojeek search; Tor Browser and Mull (but they depend on Firefox).

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Fennec is F-Droid’s build of Firefox.
Default serach engine is DuckDuckGo, also including Google, Bing & Wikipedia, with the possibility of adding Reddit & YouTube or any other search string (URL) you want.
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I went through a few browsers from f-droid to see their defualt search engines, heres what I found.

browsers that fit the purpose of the topic

-Einkbro defualts to duckduckgo
-foss browser defualts to startpage
-midori browser(android) has a choice screen poped up on the first launch, auto highlights duckduckgo
-duckduckgo browser defualts to duckduckgo
-monocles defualts to monocles search

Browsers that are, ok but kinda lead to Google

-Smartcookieweb has a choice screen that pops up on the first launch, auto highlights Google, but it still shows duckduckgo as an option on the first launch


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