Weather Forecast app dangerous permission

Am I reading this right?

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast (View weather forecasts from -

It says that Permissions include:

read locations from your media collection

And if that is android.permission.ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION then it really shouldn’t be there?

I was initially confused about where this came from:

However, I see that in the screenshot you linked to.

The permissions at only include these:

I don’t know why it says anything about the media collection. Maybe access to external storage automatically gives the app access to everything.

The app doesn’t do anything outside its own directory in the external storage. It creates a directory called WeatherForecast in the Download directory in external storage, where it writes a locations.txt file. This is where it keeps your favourite locations.

When the app starts, it reads the locations.txt file to find the locations to display in its main menu.

Ideally, I would remove the need to request these permissions. The problem has always been that the place data provided by yr,no was incomplete compared to what the website allowed users to search for. As a result, I wanted to let users add entries to the list, and I was too lazy to add that feature to the app when they could just edit a text file.

Now that all the queries go via and require latitude, longitude, altitude rather than place name another update will be needed before too long.

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Thanks for the reply!..:slight_smile: Yeah, that’s in F-Droid, nothing to do with local device… However, same thing is registered once installed:

I suppose it’s a non-issue, just trippy then. :f

… Although it would be great if it required NO permissions (well, other than network) and we can just select location manually from the app via input, idk.

Here’s what the launch looks like on MIUI 12.x, btw:

I’m going to simplify the app, I think. If I can use another service to get geolocation data for place names then I can just store the user’s favourites in the app-local storage.

I think Nominatim might be a good service to use but I’m slightly worried about breaking its terms of service. I think it should be OK to use it, but suggestions for other data sources are welcome. :smile:

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