Weather app without auto location

I have no location provider on my phone and don’t want to. There are a lot of weather apps in F-droid. Is there a weather app in which I can manually set a near by city, or country for the weather info ?

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Well the clock whether app in LineageOS allows you to manually specify a location (it is part of the clock widget). This is what I use.
But you might be interested in a purely local location provider if you have root on your phone. (e.g. Deja vu with the Unified NLS provider).

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I’m using Good Weather for that.


I assumed for location services either Gapps or microG was needed. I’ve tested your suggestion with Deja Vu and Unified Nlp (NoGapps), and after configuring it correctly it worked. Great, thanks! :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestion. That is one of the apps I tried before. Now after some fiddling with the settings I could set it to a nearby city. Nice. Thanks! :grinning:

I prefer Your local weather. One can sweep between views there, and there is a widget showing the prognosis for the next days.

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