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I have been using the darks sky app, but it will be discontinued by the end of the year.

Do you guys have any good suggestions if the is something similar to be found on F-Droid?

I like the details by the hour and the precipitation radar.

Which weather app did you test F-Droid Search: weather ?

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I don’t know what the dark sky is but I GeometricWeather is one of the best weather app!

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Dark sky was taken over by Apple a while ago and they are shutting it down by the end of the year.
I am trying ‘radar weather’ right now, but it doesn’t feel nearly as nice as dark sky.

This list of weather apps within f-droid might help:

(not guaranteed to be complete)


That’s a pretty nice list there, frief. I am going to try two of them. Thank you.

I just installed the app and it now says that it is powered by AccuWeather

I tried weather radar, but it gives radar only.
I tried WX, which seems very scientific and has and endless amount of different maps, but I did not find an hourly forecast.
I tried RadarWeather. It has hourly forecasts but, contrary to what the name suggests, not radar map.

Did you try the icon top-right - shows a radar for me.

Also ymwv depending on your region, I like the service in Europe - using the web version also there is an F-droid app supporting it - but for the Pacific region their weather model is plain unusable.

Oh yes, there is the radar map very nicely. Thank you.
I live in North America.

It seems the wx app is only for US, Canada, not for Europe?

Yes. I tried a place in Germnay and it did not work.

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