Way to get rid of gboard

I have gboard on my unrooted device so please help me if disable gboard i can not turn on my device after the phone reboot.
Though i use askboard and openboard
Is there a way of do it like make other keyboards as login by default in all time.
System info
Android 11
Kernel 4.14.190
Software stock android

You need a keyboard with direct boot support so you can enter your password after you uninstall gboard.

FlorisBoard should work.

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Will suggestion is not poping up does this feature not included here. I can see it is experimental but seems like app is not maintained is there any new released near.

Yeap, this project is absolutely completely beyond dead, no life at all…

Okey my bad i though it was dead as it was so many months no bug fixes even does not come i could have checked the github

Simple Keyboard works too :slight_smile:

what phone you have?

Does it matter?

because if he have xiaomi, he can uninstall any bloatware from phone with a tool

Moto not xiaomi.

But i like floris but is it hard to implement as anysoft and openboard dont have boot feature.

search on xda, is a option with adb to uninstall

Sure but i find floris is awsome but have lots of bugs i hope it get fixed in new update

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