Watch Nostr and for a decentralized future version of F-Droid

From the website: is a permissionless app store.

It uses Nostr to establish identity, linking release artifacts to social profiles validated by the web of trust. This enables secure installs, a new app discoverability layer and developer monetization via zaps. Version 0.1.1 was just released (Android only)

If the F-Droid dev community is interested to be able to provide an uncensorable/unstoppable repository in the future, it should be aware of developments in the Nostr space.


That looks really interesting; thanks for the tip! I’ve never used Nostr myself, but I understand that it incorporates a kind of SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) system. Are you involved with personally?


great to have raised your interest. :slight_smile:
No, I am not involved with but I am using Nostr for a few months now. Nostr is based on PKI using private keys as “login”… it is an open protocol and under very heavy development in all directions (building decentralized replacements for twitter, blogging, video sharing, etc.etc.). And payments via the LIghtning network are integrated on protocol level. You can do a ton of cool stuff when you are able to send fractions of pennis across the internet… was just one of the latest developments I stumbled across and thought the F-Droid team should be aware of this as it is very much in line with your principles (and mine). There is an awesome list as well: GitHub - aljazceru/awesome-nostr: - awesome-nostr is a collection of projects and resources built on nostr to help developers and users find new things
HTH, digisus

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Seems like they are currently not distributing the apps via Nostr but rather just connect release assets (such as those from GitHub release pages) with the cryptographic identity of a Nostr user, which IMHO isn’t really needed as Android APKs need to be signed anyways…