Warning au backdoor

Attention ,certain materiel ,appareil phon ou tab ,d’origine chinoise recele des backdoors ou comme on dit in french ,des portes derobeé,tout est transmis en direct vers china , f.droid ne merite pas ça! Veuillez verifiez s’il ya pas de backdoors.avec la bonne methode . a bon entendeur salut

What does this have to do with f-droid? I’m seriously starting to think you’re a troll. And to add myself to the people supporting your ban from the forum.


I understand his message, but this is not really related to fdroid. And the syntax and spelling of the messages is just too bad!

Je parle du support,et non de f.droid .es que tour les support sont sains.

Yes, we know, vote with your wallet, don’t buy…

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