Wallpaper auto change

Does anyone know of an application that automatically changes the wallpapers for a certain time, e.g. Every 24 hours. I searched on F-Droid and I don’t think it exists. Is there any way to do that?

True, there are such applications on the PlayStore, but they have 10+ trackers and require 15 permissions, I would not like to use that for such a “simple” application.

There are many, but not sure what exactly you will want. One is Doodle.
Rest you can search by just typing wallpaper. I got variois results, and as I said, depends on your exact need mate.

I choose a few wallpapers and they are automatically set and changed for a certain time. That’s what I’m looking for.

I use MultiPicture Wallpaper which, despite being unmaintained, still works quite well. It doesn’t seem to be able to access external storage though, so I had to save the pictures I wanted to use on internal storage.

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