vuKnob - Digital Audio Workstation from GitHib

Hello everyone.
I found this DAW on GitHub,
I tried it from Google Play.
It’s not very intuitive to use, but after a short video, you know how to put hands on.

Please, include in F-Droid, because it’s FOSS.

Hi! Do you have a link to the source code? I can not find the app on GitHub.

Yes, sorry. Here you are: vuKnob - Digital Audio Workstation from GitHib i posted the wrong place

This is just a link to this thread, not to GitHub :wink:

I’m sorry, I’m outside ATM and I did everything while walking

And here is the tutorial:

Please, can someone else post rfp for me?
I don’t understand so much on the strict procedure to follow.

Is 3 to 5 years old software so much better?

I have not tried it but it looks like the software requires the “Samsung Professional Audio SDK” to be built. I have not found a source here, too. Maybe I’m just overlooking something again.

Well, maybe this will be an anti-feature?

If it’s not open source…?

I guess the Samsung library is not

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