Vpn >over> proxy?

When I am using a proxy (socksdroid is the only I know of, to use), I am unable to have my VPN activated at the same time, meaning although I get a different IP, my main actual one isn’t protected by the VPN itself, isn’t there a way to use websites specifically with proxies while the VPN is turned on Graphene OS?

Goal is to: my ip > vpn > proxies on a browser for example

Right now i can only ip > proxy

socksdroid uses the VPN connection to route everything to the server (unencrypted)

you want to use a VPN on top, but Android only allows one VPN

solution would be for your apps to connect to the proxy by themselves AND use VPN globally so the proxy connections then go through the VPN

Are you aware of such a browser, able to connect proxies while still being good enough for privacy I tried cromite one without success, mull does not provide proxies settings

Mull works with proxy of course. If you want to use VPN over proxy the VPN client needs to support that. I don’t know which VPN supports that though.

Mull with proxies in the browser settings or through socksdroid as a vpn though? Because I havent seen such setting yet

I don’t know what you mean. Mull can set proxy in about:config.

I’ve input network.proxy.socks
And set to 5 but nothing worked sadly… :cry:

Still VPN ip

What is set to 5? If you setup the socks proxy correctly, Mull will connect to the proxy via the VPN.

A “socks” setting , maybe that was my error though. The site I bought says “socks5” so I was putting 5 never 4. The thing is I came across an add-on foxyproxy and managed there to make everything work while using “socks 4” so I guess that was the issue…

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