VLC seems to be accessing my location without explicit permissions

I have only a select few apps permitted to use my lication, only when I’m using them like Osmand.

I also have a running app called Safe Dots that notifies me whenever an app is accessing my camera or location.

so not too long ago, I got notified that VLC was accessing my location, while I was watching a video on it. So I checked the apps permission settings -it doesnt have any option to acess my lication at all but I did explicitly set it not to access the network.

Whats going on?

VLC doesn’t access your location.
The internet access is only for the local network - Broadcast adresses -
VLC for desktop asks the user if it can access the network to search for metadata, I think this is not the case on Android.

As you can see in the readme, it can be an app running in the background which makes safedot thinks that the app in the foreground is using those sensors.

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