Visual studio code and ssh fs plugin?

my termux version 118, android 9
I use termux for my little nginx server,
I configured sshd commands:
pkg install openssh
but, after when I try to connect through visual studio code and ssh fs plugin:
name: newconnection
host: my ip
port 8022
root: ~
username u0_a123

I get an error in vs code:
Error handling uri: ssh://newconnection/data/data/com.termux/files/home/build.gradle

This is because I need to create sshd via sudo command or another option?
But if I use WinSCP with ssh u0_a112@myip -p 8022 always works fine,
and I can connect to folders with that SFTP.

It is trying to connect to newconnection, edit it and replace that with myip.

I installed another extension for vscode SFTP Natizyskunk,
and I can edit files in vs code direct also now,
but for that need click and choice Edit in Local,
maybe in vscode ssh fs I select wrong root path,
but in first time that plugin worked, after several days I got some errors,
but in opened files I could still navigate the tree and view files,
clicking on the top tab with the file name, but the navigation tree on the left was no longer available.
I do not know what to say…

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