Virustotal say that monero is infected

Hello i am new on fdroid i have scan my apps whit virustotal and monero was ifected
Is this somting to worry about it
Is my device also infected

Which app exactly?

Hello this is the app
monerujo (The Monero Wallet for Android!)

While the link above points to, that’s actually an error in the client.

The official repo does not hold the app ([Feature Request] Add to f-droid repository · Issue #57 · m2049r/xmrwallet · GitHub), the client shares the wrong link

Now, did you install from the dev repo? xmrwallet/ at master · m2049r/xmrwallet · GitHub

Maybe ask the devs instead: Issues · m2049r/xmrwallet · GitHub

This is the repo

Yes is not in the officale fdroid repo
My mistake
Is it not safe to use repo’s??

F-Droid does not have any control over third-party repos. Adding a third-party repo is pretty much the same as downloading random .apk files. You should only add third-party repos of developers you trust, there is nothing stopping people from putting malware in their own repos.

I don’t know about this specific case and if this repo is safe but F-Droid in general can’t do anything about third-party repos, just like you can’t take down someone else’s website either.

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Monerujo is built against monero-core, which is intended as a full blown node and includes a miner. That’s why it is flagged by some engines at VirusTotal, usually as something like “BitcoinMiner”

The last time I used the wallet it didn’t have an option to turn on the miner.

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