Video Tutorial for publishing my App on F-Droid

I’m new to app development, and I’ve created a Flutter app. Now, I’m trying to get it on my F-Droid, but the instructions are a bit confusing for me. I’ve checked YouTube for video guides, but I couldn’t find any that explain how to publish a Flutter app on F-Droid.

Could anyone please share a video tutorial or guide me to one if they know of any? It would be a big help.When doing something complicated, I find that watching a tutorial helps me the most.

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My idea at the moment would be to have a look at the existing flutter apps and copy and paste some of their build instructions. I have no idea personally. But e.g. when I want to build a Kiwi app for Python, I would look at existing Kiwi Apps that are in the store and their build information.

While you try, could you describe what you do here? That would solve the issue for the next person with the same question!

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Interesting idea, there are no video tutorials currently (at least none that I’m aware of). Thinking a bit about it, maybe it’s worth producing one…

Doesn’t Izzy have a series of videos?

@Izzy ^^^ you had something right?

I’d have these two: FOSS - Libre.Video

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