Using Primitive FTP for accessing internal and SD-Card

I downloaded and sideloaded PTFP 7.0 from here to a Galaxy S9 tablet, with android 13.

It has the problem of not allowing access to the entire SDcard. I worked around that by creating a folder sdcard in the root of the sdcard, and copied everything on the sdcard into it. Then I was able to select it as the folder for SAF.

However, now I can’t access the internal storage - only the sdcard. How do I enable remote access of both internal and sdcard file systems? Manually updating the SAF folder each time defeats the purpose of remote access with SFTP.

Ask Google why (it’s something about privacy since Google Play apps were abusing your data or something)

Also look at Issues · wolpi/prim-ftpd · GitHub

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Thanks for reply, but that is not a solution. I’m aware of the Google issues, and I don’t expect them to care or do anything.

The issue I have is in the control of PFTP.
To re-state: PFTP can access the sd-card. PFTP can access the internal storage. So it is not an Android problem.

The issue is a remote client cannot access both file system spaces. Manual reconfiguration at the PFTP server is required to change spaces.

How can PFTP provide the SFTP client with a single file space for both internal and SD?
If that is not possible, then how can PFTP allow two different client connections to access the two different filesystems?
If I knew how to run two instances of PFTP under Android, I could configure one for internal and one for SD, and connect with different user or different port.
Or, PFTP could adopt the convention that accessing SFTP by port N access internal, and a separate SAF configuration for port N+1 accesses the SD card space.

Maybe someone can think of other approaches?

Work profile, have a second instance of PFTP running on another port that shares SD card?