Using crypto trading apps on f-droid

I consider going google-free and f-droid sounds like a really sweet deal. Just wanted to ask you something. Im using my smartphone for crypto trading, so I was wondering - after I install f-droid on my phone, will I be able to use platforms such as Binance or on my phone?

Appreciate the answers

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Okay. These both wallets looks really properitary.

F-Droid needs to built app from source. And these both apps aren’t open source. And if they would be open source, they can’t include Google, Facebook and other prop. dependencies or trackers. Since we build them also from source.

If you have an app that seems to be complete FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software). You can create a issue on

If you still want these apps, maybe look to add that as a Web-App. Or does this app provide a APK which you install. Maybe ask the app provider, if they want to Open Source their software (I don’t think so, it’s one of their money source) or ask for a own F-Droid repository, you can add, so that you will also get updates.

Thank you.
It’s all still quite complicated, but it seems no f-droid for me, since it appears there are no apps that lets you actively trade.

Using F-Droid doesn’t mean you can’t also use Google Play or whatever you would otherwise use :slight_smile:

If you still want/need to use a proprietary app only available through Play$tore, the Aurora Store is your friend.

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