Usage of urls after disble most google apps

I was recently switched over to the fdroid replacement apps and disable the default google apps in most cases.
And i have been seeing that my device still makes lots of ping to google and some google like urls so i have blocked most of them but don’t know what is what and what is the usage for those i am open for comments and information that you guys know about. type of lots of domains)

I assume you have the Android that comes pre-installed by the vendor.
So you have Google Play Services (spyware and “maybe a trojan”) in your phone.
This would explain almost all of these connections, although it could also be some apps running in the background.

This is from Qualcomm, I’m not sure if it’s telemetry or what.

From Qualcomm too, I think this is GPS stuff.

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That is scary but i don’t use lots of apps just recently i have reset my device and i have another one also which is also same ping urls i have observed.

I also think it is and find it on internet about it but i have blocked it but my gps still works and no issues there.

XTRA is a read-only (as in it sends no data) connection used for GPS almanac data to speedup GPS lock.
Blocking it is silly.

Get Netguard, block all, allow only apps you trust.

Use adb uninstall --user 0 (use a search engine; carefully!) to disable what apps you can’t disable via Settings.

No need i have blocked with dns
I use searX and duckduckgo and mojeek
Can you tell me what are the usage of this urls

Ask Google :slight_smile:

I already have asked they said they are not authorized to provide me those details but they said me not to block those because it will cause device issue and loss of security. I don’t know how. Then she ask me if she can help me with anything else​:thinking::neutral_face::expressionless:

Yes, security resides in URL connections, how did we live before such URL existed I just don’t know… :roll_eyes:

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I have blocked all of those but the issue is nothing is breaking everything working just fine as intend. But btw i notice my screen usagetime increased on same amount of charge i don’t know why. Now i am getting more battery life that is nice. But i am curious so i want to know which one do what.

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If you ever use a browser to view “popular” sites, you will also see lots of tracker sites traffic, if not blocked.

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