Urn off notifications

how can i turn off notification about anniversaries likes etc. As far as i can tell they are disabled but is till get them

Do you mean in this forum or in an app?

I think this may have been a message from another world, because he wants to “urn” them.

sad little person clown

@ByteHamster . In this forum. i don’t want notification of anniversaries/likes earned first mention/earned popular link etc i have disabled them to my knowledge but stil get them

Check out both “settings” » “emails” and “settings” » “notifications”

Thanks ByteHamster

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hat hould e he efault, ut ou lso ould se hrowaway ccounts or egistering. :smiley:

I don’t understand why both @justsomeguy and @conditae start to act like they are 12 year olds just because of a typo… This is ridiculous.


Poorly or carelessly asked question, poor or careless grammar and punctuation, plus name calling… The 1 month delay in following up, given the topic, is icing on the hilarity cake. LOL

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