Upgrade conventionally sideloaded F-Droid-APKs with F-Droid

Hello forum,

in the past i did manually download APKs from F-Droid and installed/sideloaded them with ´ADB´ to my mobile.

In the meantime I would like to have them regularly updated by the F-Droid app :slight_smile:

Can F-Droid update those apps? How?

Thank’s a lot for any help!


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Yes, assuming there are updates in F-Droid repo’ for those apps.
How? By checking for, downloading, and installing newer APKs, if available.

  • Install F-Droid app.
  • “Pull down” on F-Droid Latest display, or adjust settings to cause F-Droid app to check for updates.
  • See Updates Tab for new updates.
  • Click on app and click Update, or hit Update All if you see it.

If you also have the F-Droid Privileged Extension installed as a system app, then you can get more “automated” updates. If you want them.


Thanks a lot justsomeguy for the helpful beedback. It does work :slight_smile:


Sorry… but forgot to ask:

Will I be automatically informed about updates if available (did just update all my apps manually)?


Yes, if your settings have “automatic update interval” other than “no” and “Show available updates” is On.

Thanks a lot for the help. Good to hear that this is possible:-)

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