Updating repositories when switching languages

On my custom Android ROM (Oreo 8.1) I use 2 languages. When I switch from one to the other, the F-Drodi app always update the repositories (notification).
That’s not a big deal but I don’t think it’s normal.


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Known thing. Apps descriptions can be localized, hence new index.


An index with all descriptions would be too heavy?

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I have noticed this as well when I am switching between languages for app testing purposes. Sometimes I switch dozens of times per hour. Perhaps it would make sense for F-Droid to cache all the downloaded descriptions so it doesn’t have to download them again if the language switches a few minutes later.

Only one language is currently parsed and stored in the local app database. That keeps the database code a lot simpler, since it doesn’t need to be aware of languages at all. There is just one description per app.

The index file contains all the descriptions, by design. That way the server does not know which language the device is using. That piece of metadata can be very revealing. One optimization to this process would be to improve the caching and reuse of the index file.

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@hans, that makes sense.

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