Updating ch.corten.aha.worldclock

Hello Team,
I have updated the f -droid repository with the new repo. I have sent the merge request .It was approved by @licaon-kter. But it’s not yet merged with master branch. To whom I should connect.

Thanks for any help. I really need to update the description immediate fix.
Biswajit Das


It’s a matter of time… free time for anyone to test and merge.

My approval was for making the app owner changes clearer. :wink:

Hello @Licaon_Kter,
Thanks for reply.
Sorry couldn’t get you completely.Just wanted to confirm the merge request will be merged automatically?
Currently it says “Ready to be merged automatically. Ask someone with write access to this repository to merge this request”.
Biswajit Das.

Nothing is automatic, “for security reasons” :wink:

Sure. Will be waiting for this.

@Licaon_Kter metadata updated but wiki page is not fixed. Can I push the new release and fdroid will get update automatically?

That will be pulled from metadata as well on the next cycle.

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Done. Thanks. That helps.

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