Updating binary repo

I am maintaining an binary F-Droid repo. I am facing some problems while updating the repo with the command:

fdroid update -c --rename-apks --create-metadata --pretty

The problem is that every app in the /repo directory is processed, not only the updated apk. I figured out that this is related to the option --rename-apks.

The APKs in the repo (the app is “Signal”) are named like this:


As far as I understood this is already the right format, but when using fdroid update --rename-apks all APKs are processed. This results in the fact that the information in F-Droid “Last updated” ends up with the actual date of the update process…
Any hints what’s wrong with my workflow?

@Izzy thoughts?

Bug with fdroidserver? I do not use the --rename-apks parameter but name the APKs correctly to begin with.

But I fully agree APKs that didn’t need renaming should not have their “last updated” affected by using --rename-apks. IMHO “last updated” should only be touched for “real new arrivals” (i.e. based on applicationId and versionCode, maybe also by a checksum of the file in case it was really replaced by a different build).

I think you want to try using the --use-date-from-apk option, I think it should prevent this.

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How do you manage the manual version-numbering? In my example above:


You add the numbers manually? Where do you get the version numbers from? It seems for me not very practical to do so with a bigger repo in mind.

Perhaps you can give a rough example how you manage your repo :smile:

Thanks… your suggestion helped to fix the “last updated” problem. :pray:

But still, all APKs are processed with this command:

fdroid update --create-metadata --rename-apks --use-date-from-apk

Mine has more than 1.000 apps. Big enough? But I’ve got almost everything scripted. As to where to get those numbers from: aapt d badging <apkfile> will tell you.

Most of what I use I have published under a free license here.

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Wonderful. Thanks a lot to everybody to put me on the right track. Very helpful.


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