Update request: Podlisten

Looks like the original repo is not maintained anymore. Please update the package from an active fork. The fork url is https://github.com/shanemd/PodListen/

Does the original app still work?

Any fork will need to be either blessed by the original dev, to use the new repo as base, or… become an app in itself:

The software should use its own unique Android package ID. Where the application is a fork of another (even one not included in the F-Droid repository) it must have a new ID, different from the original. Make sure to rename your fork accordingly (including all active translations). Forks which only re-brand an app but do not add value for users might not get accepted.


The original does work, it is still the best podcast app on fdroid. The fork has a few improvements. I will let the maintainer of the fork know the fdroid policy.

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