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Everyone’s Timetable was recently published on FDroid, which is very cool.

Now I pushed a new version (there was a problem with the FDroid build) and I don’t know how to keep track of what’s happening next.

Is there something I can subscribe to to see whether the new version tag was noticed by the automation, whether a build was triggered, and maybe even see the logs from that build?

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This main page will help https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/Main_Page , a line in it:

Every app in f-droid.org has its own page, named using the Android "packageName " of the app. For example, F-Droid’s packageName is org.fdroid.fdroid and it’s wiki page is https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/org.fdroid.fdroid

However, I tried https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/ca.littlesvr.everyonestimetable but didn’t exist. After that I tried another few new apps and they didn’t show anything at all. Therefore, this wiki page only is only for apps with multiple builds.

So, I read on and this site should be the one you’re looking for. https://monitor.f-droid.org/builds/build

A few days ago something happened similar to your situation and I think you can also read this post and maybe notify the admins of F-Droid as well if it comes out as an issue.

You mean this page? https://f-droid.org/en/packages/ca.littlesvr.everyonestimetable/

I guess my question is - is there any way to be notified when a new build for my app shows results on https://monitor.f-droid.org/builds/build ?

No, I really mean this page the wiki page like this one https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/com.termux.

I don’t think there is, but you can check manually on this page if you don’t want to find your package the list. https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/ca.littlesvr.everyonestimetable/lastbuild

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