Update Magisk failed

One more nasty thing: Got a notification: there is an update for Magisk XXX. Click here to install.

I’ve clicked. And got: installation failed. There were several string of what was done and so on and guidance “Click to reboot”.

I’ve clicked. Android icon gleamed and tablet died.

Why one do what he wants without checking if he’ll be successful? No warnings, nothing to choose? I spend half an year to install Magisk v 24.3, but killed in two minutes!

Picture of the error?

How did you update exactly?

Device? Android version?

The notification error on update is a known issue, but it’s not app specific, it was an F-Droid notification or a Magisk one?

Define died? You can still go to the Recovery and uninstall Magisk, right?

@linsui thoughts?

What is killed? Magisk on F-Droid maybe removed after system update on A/B devices so you need to reinstall it. But it doesn’t have other difference from the upstream one.

I got all the messages on Russian. My translation is correct and exact, I hope.
Just clicked on notification.
Lenovo TB-8703X.
Android Marshmallow, v. 6.0.1.
Messages was during an updating Magisk.
I can go into Recovery, but I Have 5 Backups and I hope I can determine which one I should use.
Thanks for information.

Now I lost the ability to launch my tablet, but I may launch recovery, and may launch the fastboot mode.

As it seen from the picture update is trying to replace boot (/dev/block/mmcblk0p31). There were two choices

  • boot
  • automatically
    I select the last.
    The update failed. I remember after installing Magisk I press the button signing boot.
    automatically - should mean do not sign the boot and this may be the reason of the fault.

I have boot image created after installing Magisk. I write it onto SDcard, and write it into boot block through TWRP’s terminal.
That helped, now the tablet is working as previously.
I saw video on youtube they don’t recommend update.
If anybody knows how to update Magisk let me know.

The update works for me. But I don’t know the details. You need to report upstream.

Dear Sir,

I am not English speaking. I cope with my case replacing boot sector
onto signed one.

So, what do you want?



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