Update gone baby

Fdroid automatically downloaded 3 updates including itself. I installed one, then I installed the fdroid update. The 3rd update is gone. Also, where are the updates? They seem to be in a protected location.

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Are you on Android 12 or later?

Maybe it autoupdated… did you read Unattended updates for everyone, 1.19 is here | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository yet?

No it’s (osmand+) still the same version. It’s android 13. I’m wondering if the update is still on the phone but I can’t access it because something about fdroid changed.

I see now what happened. The fdroid update (probably) caused it to forget the installed app list. How can I correct that?

That’s not a thing.

Go to OSMAnd in F-Droid, scroll down to Version, expand it, take a screenshot, attach it here