Update for "Kodi" not available in F-droid yet, why? Please push a faster update

Hi, there is a new version of Kodi called 18.4 available on Google Play but not in F-droid yet.
The new version was released September 4, 2019 (two days ago).
Will the updated version be available in F-Droid soon?

Please do everything possible to speed up the update because this update might be a quite big stability improvement, because version 18.3 had a lot of bugs according to many.

Does nobody have a answer to this?

Any ideas: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1771 ?

Why is it harder to get this app updated in F-Droid compared to other apps??

as they apparently have build problems on f-droid ? depends on the technology stack

This needs a person familiar with the codebase… add your :+1: here: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/6860#issuecomment-532294651

I wrote a comment on the GitHub Issue site but XBMC deleted it, without giving an answer. Who did put Kodi on F-Droid if it was not the creators (XBMC)? And why do they not release the new version, 18.4?

Anyone can ask for an app to be included, but with the developers okaying this inclusion since a new distribution avenue, that they don’t control, brings them support issues burden.

They already released/tagged 18.4 on Github and (I guess) on Google Play.

F-Droid tries to build it from source, now…it fails.

I did not receive an email notification of your comment there, so maybe they did not delete it, try again.

I saw that I got a answer on my mail, from Darren-Hill notifications@github.com, before the issue got closed and deleted. It says:

"The site is entirely third party to us, and is not supported, controlled or endorsed by Team Kodi.

Keeping it up to date with packages and apks is entirely down to whoever maintains the site. Please contact them concerning your request.

This issue is closed."

So according to them “Team Kodi” has been responsible in maintaining the app on F-Droid. Is this correct?

There’s a “not” in that answer, did you miss it?

Also, I’ve gave you a specific link where to add a :+1: , I did not say to “add a new issue”

Anyway, that’s about it then, unless you can fix it yourself…

Sorry I totaly missed the word “not”. Okay I try writing about it on the link you gave because I have no experience at all to fix it myself.

Kodi 18.5 was released yesterday. I opened a new issue about it here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1862

I hope that it’s easier to get version 18.5 to work on F-Droid then 18.4.

18.4 was not very stable anyway, at least not on Windows, it crashed a lot. I have not tested 18.5 yet but I have complained earlier on mail to Team Kodi about 18.4 bugs so I hope 18.5 works a lot better.

There has not been one single post on this issue here or at GitLab since long. Link: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1771

Is anyone still working on a solution to get Kodi 18.5 to F-Droid?

Nope, we need help and upstream doesn’t care so…

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Have you asked them?
How comes actually that Kodi has been updated on F-Droid earlier but not anymore? Is something very different about Kodi 18.4 and 18.5?

Scroll up, the github link is there…

You could try asking about the GitHub issue on their forum https://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=184

And send an email when nobody helps on the forum, right? :frowning:

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