Update for F-Droid built app Arity

Hi guy here, and happy new year.
I just switched to a new phone from android 5.11 to v12 and reinstalled most of my loved apps from F-Droid.
I have an issue for Arity which have no menu button on screen when my phone doesn’t have too so I can’t access functions like Help/Settings/User definitions and Clear history.
Any chance the team will migrate the source code and build for recent platform ?
Or somebody advise its preferred calculator app to drop Arity and begin a new life ?

Whatever, many thanks for the F-Droid initiative.

Why don’t you use a newer app? Arity is not updated for 10 years. F-Droid don’t develope those apps. If you want to update it please fork it.

Hi Linsui, this is quite a standard answer. I have very poor skills in coding and none in Android. Do you mean no-one at F-Droid develops apps ? Then do you have advice for a recent calculator ? There are so many here that I can’t imagine testing them all in the hope there is one that works. I believe I’m a phenomenon: when I search for “calculator” in F-Droid repos and sort by date, I discover I have both Arity and Units apps installed and they are the very eldest that match the keyword!!! And they have the same issue :frowning:

Some team member has their own apps but that’s not related to F-Droid. F-Droid is an app store, not an app factory.

There are too many calculators in F-Droid. I don’t know which one is the most suitable one for you. OpenCalc is good. You can also try microMathematics Plus which is very advanced.

Thank you Linsui
I’ll give a try to these two. Although, I think it would be a good practice to contribute myself… at least, try to contribute. I already have a gitlab account, which I believe is mandatory for apps end up in F-Droid, isn’t it? Searching for Arity in gitlab I can’t find, so I guess I just can’t fork in place (so I may be wrong thinking F-Droid apps sources live in gitlab). I just read the contribute page here and after trying to use the command in which the URL is the one I found in F-Droid repo description for Arity

fdroid import --url=Directory - daeb58a/ - HEAD - origin: https://arity-calculator.googlecode.com/hg/ – Software Heritage archive

and even after I installed fdroidcl and I

git clone F-Droid / Client · GitLab
cd fdroidclient

I can’t find the fdroid command anywhere in my linux.
Furthermore, the origin_url parameter in the command fdroid import links to a 404 page at googlecode.com which I think may not be an issue as the sources (accepted by F-Droid in the first time) seem to be all at softwareheritage.org. Can you confirm and give a hint about the fdroid command please.

Many thanks

[EDIT] From the f-droid web site page I found a link in Arity’s page that links to gitlab but it seems to not host the sources : metadata/arity.calculator.yml · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab
Is it intended behaviour for new poster here to see the links in posts reformated the way I see above or some preference in account settings ?

It’s not, but finally someone needs to have a account to contribute to the repo.

F-Droid’s source code is hosted on GitLab but the source code of the apps are not. You have found that it’s https://arity-calculator.googlecode.com/hg/.

Please read CONTRIBUTING.md · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab. This page should be clearer.

It’s an app published 10 years ago. Google Code has shutdown. Looks like you can still get the source code from Directory - daeb58a/ - HEAD - origin: https://arity-calculator.googlecode.com/hg/ – Software Heritage archive.

It’s the metadata which is used to build the package.

If you want to work on the app, I suggest that you download the code and host it somewhere else, e.g. GitLab.

Thanks for lights Linsui. If I ever go on trying to contribute, it is only if I’m on the best path to see my update (or another contributor) to the app hosted in F-Droid, I won’t work for playstore. So a question is : is it better to host the sources at gitlab or github where I see there are yet:

4 years old GitHub - NaikSoftware/ArityMOD: Incredible calculator for Android

6 yo GitHub - quyetdo289/arity-android-app: Android GUI for the arity arithmetics and plotting library, similar to a scientific calculator
2 yo GitHub - hoijui/arity-android-app: Android GUI for the arity arithmetics and plotting library, similar to a scientific calculator
The two latest seem to be a fork of each other??? Is this ever possible?

12 yo GitHub - rojoera/arity-calculator: Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/arity-calculator

I suggest you starting with the first fork which is updated to gradle.

Hi Linsui
I did it : GitHub - bugith/ArityMOD4FDroid: Incredible calculator for Android
I forked it ~independent~ so that it has more chance to end in FDroid isn’t it ?
Then after that, I discoverved there is another Arity in github, far more recent : GitHub - Xlythe/Arity
[EDIT] Btw, I tried OpenCalc (seems the same as Android stock calc, too simple, e.g. misses draw curves) and µMath+ … too big, I feel crushed by features : can’t even open a simple calculator

Maybe? But you still need to give it a new app id. And it uses a jar in the repo. Please find the source code of it and replace the jar with a module.

Maybe this is the source code of the jar.

Btw, if you want to maintain the fork, you can start from updating the deps. New gradle, new AGP, new androidx, etc.

Hi Linsui
A great guy at gitlab did the job :slight_smile: : https://github.com/woheller69/Arity/releases
Many thanks @woheller69
I fact, learning java programming and the graddle thing were a too high challenge for me.
Any chance we see Arity revived v1.28 for A12 hosted in F-Droid ?

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was merged: Update Arity for Android 12 (!12460) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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