Update does not appear in repository

The app from https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.vwp.owmap/ was updated, the version number was increased in related GIT-repository and it was tagged - but the updated version does not appear in the repository.

Is there anything else which has to be done in GIT in order to trigger an Update for F-Droid?


Look at the metadata file of this app : https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/blob/master/metadata/com.vwp.owmap.txt

L 136 says that there is no auto update for this app, you have to add manually the lines for the new version 1.29

OK, thanks. How/where can I enable auto-update for this App? I think simply editing this file will not do the job :slight_smile:

If you keep tagging each new release, you can enable it.

Eg add:

    prebuild=echo 'source.dir=src;../LocDemo/src/com/vwp/libwlocate' > ant.properties
Auto Update Mode:Version v%v
Update Check Mode:Tags

Seems I can not edit this file easily without creating own repository -> forking -> editing -> requesting merge -> blaaaaah… :-/

So yes, tagging will be done now, so when anybody can enable this option, it would be really appreciated!

Yes that’s the workflow… please do that :slight_smile:

Sorry but … sorry no. I do not use GitHub/GitLab right because of this incredibly complicated workflow and will not start with it just to edit a few lines. So feel free to stay with the outdated version in F-Droid or delete it from the repository completely or whatever…

Not sure I get it, you just press EDIT on the file and it will fork it all, then you ADD (not edit, not remove old versions) stuff and press submit MergeRequest and that’s it.

Then again maybe it’s easier on SF…I guess.

FYI: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/commit/a0156d88fcbb5c7490494969893fcafcf73f255b

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