Update, Build & Deploy delays

I was wondering if there is anything planned/thought of to improve the speed in which new versions are deployed to the f-droid repository. When looking at the log it also looks like there are huge delays between building is done and deployments. Is anything done between those times?

What happened in those 39 hours between build and deploy?

I know I shouldn’t release buggy apps, but it’s still a bit annoying to have people reporting bugs which have been fixed for days, and deployed to the Play Store, iOS Store, Samsung Store, Microsoft Store, etc. only f-droid lags days behind. :thinking:


There is a human involved in the last step. The signing keys are kept on an air-gapped PC and the apks need to be transferred there for signing.


ok, that kind of makes sense, when there is no easy way to invalidate keys if they are comporomised (?)
But what about e.g. continuing the build process when the old one finishes, and not waiting for that human? so if the human can’t sign for a few days at least at the point in time they are signed, they are the latest versions?

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There is some previous discussion of how this could be automated without introducing a significantly greater security risk than the manual transfer of the APKs to an air-gapped machine at What triggers a build of new app versions? - #22 by sorenstoutner.


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