Unwanted App 'Show Mem'

Hello everybody,
nice to be a member of this forum now.
I want to ask you for advice with an app called ‘Show Mem’. I’m using lineageos 16 and the F-Droid-App 1.71.
The App ‘Show Mem’ is listed as installed App in the F-Droid-App, but I didn’t install it (I’ve set up the phone 2 weeks ago and am sure I didn’t). The problem is that it can neither be uninstalled via the ‘uninstall’ button nor started via the ‘open’ button. All in all, this App looks VERY suspicious to me. Furthermore, it looks like a real security risk, because it hasn’t been updated since 6 years, and there are known vulnerabilities mentioned in the F-Droid-description.
Has anyone an idea why this app installed automatically, why it is the only of my 30+ Apps that isn’t uninstallable/openable and how I can geht rid of it? An answer would be great.
Thanks in advance!

Did you install an official build of LineageOS?

Did you install an official F-Droid APK from f-droid.org?

Do you have any 3rd party repositories in the F-Droid app? There are only 2 by default: F-Droid main and Guardian (plus archives that are not enabled).

“Show Mem” is an archived F-Droid app that shares the same package name as Launcher3, which is the default launcher out-of-the-box for anything recent that’s based from AOSP. IfF you’ve another launcher installed & have the capability, it’ll be safe to disable/remove.

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Hello relan,
thanks for your quick reply. The answers to your questions: I installed the apk directly Form F-Droid.org, I installed the original build of lineageos from the website and I use only the F-Droid and F-Droid Archive repositories.

Going by what @TPS wrote, here’s what probably happened:

  • you’ve installed LineageOS on your device, which comes with an AOSP launcher using the package name of Launcher3 (IMHO LOS comes with Trebuchet by default)
  • you’ve then installed F-Droid, which scanned your device for installed apps to show to you
  • F-Droid found that launcher and, going by its package name, mapped it to “Show Mem”. Going by the details above, that would mean you’ve also enabled the archive repo.

So no need to worry, you can safely ignore that:

  • no, you cannot uninstall the app as it’s the default launcher integrated in your ROM
  • no worries, it’s not the outdated “Show Mem” app – it just happens to share its package name (bad choice on behalf of the “Show Mem” devs).
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Hello TPS, hello Izzy,
thanks a lot for your efforts! This is a very understandable and detailed explanation for this seemingly strange behaviour.
Good to know that everything works as it should. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again!

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