UntrackMe vs UntrackMe lite


What are the differences between UntrackMe and UntrackMe lite flavor ?

Thank you.

I introduced flavors with UntrackMe. The current version already available with FDroid, will handle all links. These one, will only handle Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and shortened URLs.
The way the application works, needs to define two distinct apps using their own logic. Some people only want to use it for Nitter, Instagram and Bibliogram. That’s the purpose of this lite version.



Ok, thank you. I installed UntrackMe but I don’t understand the settings. What should I select in the following screenshot:

Thank you.

It’s according to what applications you use.
Ex: don’t install Porn trackers if you don’t go on porn sites.
If you use Youtube, probably you have to try to block it…

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Ok but what should I select (on the red arrows) :

Should I select UntrackMe or another app? It’s not very clear to me.
It’s often the case on F-Droid, devs create a nice app but don’t provide easy and simple wiki to explain how to use it.
Please devs, take the time to explain your apps and how to use them so more people can understand them and use them, it is just a simple text to add.

Thank you.

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