Unknown Applications

For me about 41 apps are “Unknown application” in short description. They show up in search for “unknown”. Starting with EDL Dashboard or rC3 Schedule (updated 3 days ago), Todo Agenda (updated 5 days ago), and Vibrato (updated 1 week ago)… they are not showing up in f-droid “Latest” list. These two things seem like bugs in app metadata, and f-droid Latest list.

F-droid 1.10 (1010050)

Happy new year!

PS. App images and screenshots are loading OK, today.


The rules for Latest are here: https://f-droid.org/en/2019/03/26/the-latest-tab-now-highlights-good-descriptions.html

“Unknown application” means usually that the fastlane/triplet metadata was not pulled correctly from the source repo.

Did you pull-to-refresh the index already?

Yes, on two devices to see consistent results.

Currently I have the same issue with Aurora-Droid

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