UnifiedNlp (No Gapps) - 4 Jahre alt?

Hallo, merkwürdige Sache:
Suche ich nach "UnifiedNlp (No Gapps) in der F-Droid-App, steht oben, dass sie vor 4 Jahren aktualisiert wurde. Unten finde ich die letzte Version vom 23.08.2021.

Suche ich über Browser, wird mir die Version 1.6.8 (20187) vom 17.01.2017 angeboten.

Paketquelle: has the answer… you have the latest version from the microG repository, they are the developers, right?

But in the F-Droid repo it has not been rebuild in the last 4 years.

There’s no issue here actually, everything is fine :slight_smile:

Mh, trozdem nicht ganz korrekt.

MMn sollte F-Droid für die Zeitangabe die installierte/neuste Version heranziehen und nicht die Version von der F-Droid repo.

Nevertheless, this is not quite right.
imho, it should base the “LastUpdated” string on the newest known App and not on the lastest F-Droid provided version.

What should be based on last update?

Oh the note on top “4 years ago”? yes, indeed

Actually, the last updated thing is kind of correct. There’s always been a weird inconsistent listing depending on setup or something.

Technically, UnifiedNlp (F-Droid repo) hasn’t been updated in four years. Unlp has the same package name as its bigger brother, microG. If one were to check the drop-down versions list they might find the Unlp 1.6.8 version there.

I run both microG and Unlp based ROMs. How either is displayed in F-Droid clients is inconsistent.
I’ll have microG installed but the client will show “UnifiedNlp (no Gapps)”.
The ROM I’m typing on now is a Google-free setup using UnifiedNlp yet the client (F-Droid Classic) shows “microG Services Core”.

Across four other devices with microG, listed as one or the other.
Repo order plays a factor. New install of F-Droid. UnifiedNlp shown as installed. Add microG repo and now UNlp is listed as microG.

Like when I have Bromite repo. Added the Ungoogled Chromium repo which caused the client to list my Bromite WebView as Ungoogled WebView since it is synced/read after. Removed then re-added the Bromite repo so its webview displays correctly.

Anyway, just one of those things we need to pay attention to before worrying or thinking something’s wrong/broken.

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