Unexpected version/version code in output

An app I maintain is struggling to update:


Could not build app com.gitea.theoden8.sudaku: Unexpected version/version code in output; APK: '0.0.2' / '2',  Expected: '0.0.3' / '5'

Versioning in the app seems correct to me, explicitly stated in the pubslec.yaml. I noticed that the metadata file says “disabled: version not updated” (link).

Could someone suggest ways to debug this? I am lacking the information about the error.

Try to build v0.0.3 locally and check versionName and versionCode in the APK. Are they 0.0.3/5?

Nope, looks wrong to me: https://gitea.com/theoden8/sudaku/src/tag/v0.0.3/pubspec.yaml#L14 maybe retag v0.0.3 to https://gitea.com/theoden8/sudaku/commit/6d6fd7fb36f364a67ff524b73b2d030d80e403c3 ? @theoden8

Thanks, this would definitely cause a problem.

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