Unable to update any apps

Hello, F-droid fails to update any apps right now, including itself.

  • I tap the update button
  • it says “waiting for download” (not the exact label, it’s a translation) for a few seconds with a pre-loading bar
  • the message and the bar disappear
  • and that’s it.

Any clue or should I open a ticket?
F-droid 1.15.6
Android 8.1.0

Your F-Droid version is very old, update to latest first: https://f-droid.org/repo/org.fdroid.fdroid_1018050.apk

then retry, start by doing a pull-to-refresh in the Latest tab

My last F-droid update was only three months ago, why is it so old that I have to uninstall and reinstall it? :thinking:
Thanks for your answer anyway.

I didn’t say UNinstall, download the APK and install it TO UPDATE the app…

Did you enable Autoupdates in Settings?

Did you except F-Droid from battery optimisations in Android Settings Battery?

That’s right, I don’t need to uninstall it before installing the APK. It works now, thanks.

Auto-updates were enabled, but I wasn’t excluding F-droid from battery optimizations. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get any updates notifications. But I can’t say I would have updated sooner if it was the case.

Thanks again.

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Also, if you are using any VPN or local VPN, your internet connection may not work at times when the IP changes. That is why you were getting “waiting for download”. This is the actual reason. For battery the 3rd and 4th points are valid.

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